Ron Rhodes

Ron Rhodes, Director – Fundraising

Ron Rhodes is the Regional Operations Manager and is also the Manager of the Florida Field Units. He is a veteran leader in inventory control, purchasing, warehousing and management in general. As head of the Florida Field Units, Ron uses his past experience as a liaison between the corporate office and outside field units.

Ron joined GA Foods 6 years ago with a diverse and knowledgeable operational background, including 25 years with Miller Brewing Company, as a Vice Pres. of Operations.

With 25 years of operational skills, Ron has managed a fleet of 60 trucks and over 100 employees. He specializes in space management and on target inventory control and purchasing. At GA Foods, Ron will continue to develop new and innovative ways to supply the best products and pricing to the field units and to our customers through central services. With diversified skills, for the first time in GA’s history, Ron has developed a team to include inventory control, production planning, purchasing, warehousing and Florida Field Units which has helped shape GA’s direction for the future. Ron has two children and he resides in the Tampa Bay area with his wife.