Still haven't decided what to do for Hunger Awareness Month? Here's a simple idea, pick up a few cans of these and help make sure all the children in the area get to have a Thanksgiving! In partnership with New Birth Church, we plan to give away 3,000 Thanksgiving meals this year. We need your help to collect 3,000 of each of the following: ~Cranberry sauce ~Stuffing ~Gravy ~Corn muffin mix ~Brownie/cookie mix All items must be in-date. We cannot accept expired donations Drop off donations at: 8061 Congress St. Port Richey, FL 34668

Do you know what it feels like to be HUNGRY?

The Volunteer Way and its hunger relief partners assist approximately 23,000 families every month by providing them with food and personal items. We give needy individuals hope, a hand up and a kind word when they need it most.

Mission, Vision & Values

The Volunteer Way has been distributing food free of charges for over 25 years.

HUNGER has many faces:

  • Young children whose parents are unable to provide regular meals
  • Homeless or unemployed adults
  • Poverty stricken families
  • Seniors on a fixed income

99% of your donation goes to people in need.

Our administrative overhead is less than one percent, which means that $.99 of every dollar that we receive goes directly to helping the needy.

Donate Today

Doing our part to ensure no one in our community goes to bed hungry.

We distribute millions pounds of food every year, free of charge, to food pantries, soup kitchens, residential programs, seniors, homeless people, families and other charitable organizations. 

Providing the hope of a better tomorrow.

The Volunteer Way helps financially insecure individuals meet their basic needs by providing food, personal items, resources, hope and the opportunity for them improve their lives. 

Our History & Future